Friday, July 16, 2010

Well, Since You Asked....

Many of you have been asking for it so here it is. Some of the most ridiculous auctions to be listed on Ebay. Yea I'm lying-so what? If you had thought about it you would have asked for it. I'm positive.

-Sleeping With The Stars

An auction for some Los Angeles real estate Monday may have set a new price-per-foot record — and all for a place without much of a view. A cemetery crypt located directly above Marilyn Monroe's final resting place sold on eBay for $4.6 million-bidding started at $500,000. 

-Books Not Drugs

Ah, eBay — where you can buy textbooks, children's books, nonfiction books, used books, new books, books about steroids and, apparently, books 
containing steroids. In 2005, a team of investigative journalists at MSNBC spent three months uncovering dozens of listings for literature about performance-enhancing drugs that actually contained said drugs.
Rob Chestnut, an eBay vice president and a former federal prosecutor, told MSNBC when the company learned about the scam. "That's our bad." 
Oh Rob, you have such a way with words.

-A picture is Worth 1000 words or Terrorists
There's nothing special about buying a used camera on eBay — unless that camera is previously owned by a British spy and still contains top-secret data. That's what happened last year to a 28-year-old British delivery man who unwittingly purchased the names, fingerprints and photos of suspected al-Qaeda terrorists from an MI6 agent who was apparently none too familiar with the digital camera's "delete" button.


Sellers have always been eager to make a quick buck — er, spread the faith — by auctioning off "miraculous" images of religious figures like Jesus and the Virgin Mary embedded in everything from a grilled cheese sandwich to a fish stick. Several have found a willing buyer in the online casino site,, which snapped up many of the novelty items to put on display. For one seller, it proved quite lucrative: a grilled-cheese portrait of the Virgin Mary fetched $28,000 from the casino when it sold on eBay in 2004. Where the hell is my grilled cheese maker?

-That's Gonna Be a Bitch To Ship

"You can choose either kidney," an eBay auctioneer known as "hchero" wrote in 1999 when he posted a listing for one of his own organs. "Of course only one for sale, as I need the other one to live. Serious bids only." Bidding, which began at $25,000, ballooned to $5 million before eBay shut it down for violating federal anti-organ trafficking laws.

-Third Time May Be a Charm
Want your own town? The tiny town of Bridgeville, Calif. was auctioned in 2002 for just under $1.8 million, a price that included about 83 acres and a dozen homes and cabins. Sadly for the remote Northern California town, the buyer backed out and the sale didn't go through. Another buyer bought the town for $700,000, but, overwhelmed by costs, put the  property back on the selling block (once again on eBay). A 25-year-old Los Angeles entertainment manager then coughed up $1.25 million for Bridgeville in 2006 and excited residents with ambitious plans to fix the place up, but tthen committed suicide three months later. The town is available once again — though this time, not on eBay — for any brave buyers.

-Welcome Baby Boy (insert advertisers name here)

What's in a name?. In 2001, Jason Black and Frances Schroeder offered the naming rights to their unborn son on eBay. For $500,000, they would commit to naming him after virtually any company or product. Gun and cigarette makers were out-glad to see they had some scruples. No takers though. The couple  named him Zane, for free.

-It's a BYOV

Apparently Natalie Dylan, a 22-year-old from San Diego, doesn't sell herself short. She attempted to sell her virginity on eBay in January, only to have her auction removed by the company. Dylan then struck a bargain with the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada, to put her maidenhead back on the auction block. Dylan claimed to have received offers north of $3.7 million, but as of June she was still as pure as fresh snow.

-Dooode...It's Michael Phelps Bong
Can't get your hands on one of his gold medals? How about his bong? It was briefly placed on eBay in February, where its owner hoped to fetch more than $10,000 from the sale. Instead, eBay took down the bong entirely and the owner found himself charged by the local sheriff. Bummer man.

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