Friday, July 16, 2010

My New Book Review Is At Smexy Books-Reilly's Return by Tami Hoag

Today's review is Reilly's Return by Tami Hoag.

Jayne Jordon lost her husband one year ago and is still recovering from the grief. Concentrating on her work, she has moved back to her hometown to rebuild her spirit and soul. But Pat Reilly has other plans. Gorgeous movie star, Pat Reilly, has loved Jayne from the first time he saw her. But she had been married to his best friend. Reilly knows that he and Jayne were meant to be together...he just needs to fate a small nudge. But Jayne isn't sure she can get past the or the fear to allow herself to love again.
Tami Hoag's latest book-Reilly's Return-is a sweet sexy contemporary romance. Jayne Jordon had her whole life ahead of her when her husband boarded his last overseas flight and never came home. A well read movie critic, she decides that Hollywood is not for her and heads back to her hometown to find herself. But fate has other plans for Jayne. And his name is Pat Reilly.
Reilly told her after her husband's funeral that he would come see her
in one year. And that year is up. Pat Reilly, international movie star and sex symbol, is everything Jayne is scared of. Incredibly sexy and smart-she was powerfully attracted to him when they first met. Reilly is convinced they fell in love the first day they met and now that one year has passed since they buried her husband, he needs to see if that "something" is still there. But he and her husband were best friends and Jayne has felt guilty for her attraction to Reilly ever since. As she and Reilly dance around each other, it is soon evident that the passion and attraction that first held them spellbound has not
diminished. But can that be enough? Both of them hold secrets that threaten to destroy what has yet to be discovered.

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