Friday, July 9, 2010

Well, Since You Asked....A Special Thank You

I just wanted to do a few thank yous today to show my appreciation of the world.

Thank you man on the Harley-wearing it like a thong. I shall never get that image out of my mind and will never view a Harley the same again.

Thank you Fed Ex man for throwing my package into the ONLY puddle of water in a 50 ft radius around my porch. I'll be thinking of you as I separate and try to dry each f'ing page of these books that were in there.

Thank you lovely buyer for mailing me back your dress after keeping for a month, wearing to event, and apparently having rabid monkey sex on it. OooO and the paypal dispute you opened at same time really iced that cake. 

Thank you kid for opening your car door not once, not twice, but three times; slamming it into my car door. Apprech.

and lastly...

Thank you Mrs. Claus look alike that fussed at my kid in the store then flipped us both off when I said something. My kid is now traumatized for life. 

Thank you all for a lovely Thursday.

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