Saturday, August 14, 2010

Get A Life I Say-Fashion, Kids, and Their Obsessive Parents

When will the madness stop?
I have never been one for skinny jeans. At 5'2 with a curvy figure (big ghetto booty)...I look like an ice cream cone. And not in an attractive way. Now I find that skinny jeans are not only for the fashion forward adult.
Oh no.
You can now live vicariously through your baby and buy your cute patootie some skinny jeans. That's right. Why should you be the only one who feels self conscious and uncomfortable? Why not project that feeling on your kids too?

The Wall Street Journal reports...
Ava Lane, a smiley two-year-old who lives in Deland, Fla., has four pairs of skinny jeans. She received the first pair as a gift, says mom Christina Lane, who thought they looked so cute she bought more.

"Babies and toddlers have big bellies, and skinny jeans are not for people with big bellies," says Ms. Lane, a 29-year-old museum marketing director. "But they still work."

Huh? Shouldn't babies have cute adorable chubby raspberry blowing worthy tummies? Will we now start advocating dieting in the womb? 
Skinny toddler styles have also prompted Sarah Coffey, a high school guidance councilor, to ponder the shape of her 2-year-old:

 "She's not skinny, so I wouldn't have necessarily thought to buy skinny jeans but I  was inspired by the display," says Ms. Coffey.
You shouldn't be pondering the shape of your 2 year old lady. You should be celebrating her and dressing her for comfort. I mean it just me that sees something wrong with this?
When I was on vacation this week I saw babies-6 months to 3 years old-dressed like hootie mama's from a 50 cent video.  Brazilian bikini's, belly chains, & tiny high heeled mules. 
On a 2 year old. 
Seriously, seeing a thong on a 2 yr old isn't cute. It's also disconcerting when you realize baby in thong means they have no swimmies on. In the  pool. That I'm swimming in.  :( 

The culprits-the Gap- has reported that over 40 percent of  it's denim sales is for infants and toddlers. More then 70% for older girls.  The Gap's not the one trolling for the kiddie sales. Similar styles can be found at J Crew, Levi's and AE.  So I don't see them tossing this money making cow aside for anything.

I can understand dressing your kid for maximum cuteness. I was guilty of that at one time.

My cutie at 1 year old. :)
But where does it stop? When does cuteness surpass common sense? Why are we allowing stores to tell us, "Hey, it's ok to make your child into a mini me clone." Or a hooker.

Everyday I am inundated with ads showing me children who are dressed to look 5 years older then they are.  Baby Phat is a prime example. Thin see through chest bearing shirts. Low barely covering your asset jeans. Shorts that ride so high you can see the size of their underoos.  When you kid looks 5 years older then they are treated 5 years older. And that can't be a good thing. I don't want my 9 year old to be mistaken for a 14 year old. Not in this day and age.

So I say let your kids be kids, you be you, and everybody dress their appropriate age.



Mar said...

I am so with you on this one, Tori. Baby high heels? Loathe. As you know, I have a two year old girl and I love nothing but dressing her up in cute outfits with flowers, kitties or whatever cutesie thing is appropriate for a little girl of two. It's disgusting what some of these kids, tweens mainly are wearing today. Hell when I was growing up, my Mother used to monitor my bikinis until way into my teens!
Great post! Have a happy weekend. :)

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Mar-Your little one is cuteness personified! :)Both of them.

Mandi said...

Yes...what is wrong with people, really? Ugh.

LOVE that cute :)

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Mandi-Thanks. My MIL had that made for kidlet when she was born. I loved that outfit. :)

Bells said...

I was shaking my head throughout this whole post. WTF is wrong with people?!! Some people just don't make any sense!

Heather said...

I'd seen the skinny jeans for baby ads but I didn't think anyone would actually buy them! That's insane! We don't have many fashion forward people where I live (KY) so thankfully, I haven't seen the baby high heels either. I think I'd have to shake some sense into their parents.

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...


Heather-LOL I live in FL & you'd be amazed at the crap I see people put their kids in. *sigh*