Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hi, My Name Is Tori and I'm A Lilly Addict

Most peeps that know me would never guess my deepest darkest secret...I Love Lilly Pulitzer.
When I told my bestest friend, she told me in a very shocked voice, "That's like finding out Mary Poppins likes to be tied down and "punished" by that strange looking balloon seller." lol
Uhhh, not quite. According to BFF, I am not a "girly girl." I apparently don't invoke feelings of love, flowers, and puppies. She says when we were growing up she always thought I would end up as either A. an assassin or B. a prison guard. 0_0
But yes, I am a secret Lilly lover. I adore the bright colors and kiddie designs. I get the catalog and have been known to travel long distances for vintage Lilly. There is just something freeing about being able to put on a loud obnoxious print. I recently received her Her Fall 2010 collection and it has me counting my pennies.

Lilly's collection has come a long way since launching her first bold and crazy Palm Beach shifts in 1953.
VTG Lilly-Courtesy of  DIVE BACK IN TIME
Fall 2010 Collection
Fall 2010 Collection

But the fun doesn't stop with the clothing. Oh No. Now Lilly makes anything and everything to "Lilly-fie" your life.

i Phone accessories

 E reader covers for NOOK

Sorority Prints. This is the design for Delta Zata. Hee Hee, I was a "dizzy DZ"

BARBIE and Stacie Collection

You can even get your car "Lilly- fied"

Seriously....who wouldn't want a "Lilly" jeep? I would so rock this.

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