Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My New Book Review Is At Smexy Books-Fallen Embers by Lauri Owens

Todays review is Fallen Embers by Lauri Owens.

Favorite Quote: "Fury consumed her, comforted her, caressed her. The fire was her heart and it was burning. She wanted to strike out, ease her fear...but she couldn't seem to remember anything but the rage."

A violent attack leaves a young attorney and her nephew in an alternate time ruled by a class of decadent mages who have enslaved the shape changing indigenous peoples.
As war looms, Kiera must learn to survive in this new world. Whom can she trust -- Marco, the young mage she saves, or fierce and handsome Laszlo, the slave captain of Lord Vayu's army?
Kiera's harrowing journey leads her to joy and to heartbreak. Choosing the wrong side may cost her everything.

When Keira and her nephew are attacked by a dog, they awake in an alternative version of Alaska. As she struggles to gain her bearings, she comes across 3 children being attacked by soldiers. When she attempts to save the children she gets her first taste of the magic that suddenly flows through her body. She commands fire. As she holds back the soldiers from the children, she meets the gorgeous Captain Laszlo. Captain of his Lord's army, he invites her and the children to travel with the Army. While traveling with the Army Kiera learns more about the world she has arrived in and fears for hers and Alex's safety.  

It is a feudal time where man is king, slavery is permitted, and women are chattel.
When she arrives at her destination she finds herself detained by deception, promises, and love when she once more saves a child's life. Kiera chafes at the luxury she sees in the opulent world of the ruling class she sees being obtained on the backs of the enslaved shape shifters. Cruelty and decadence rules this empire and it's inhabitants.  

As Kiera tries to cope with magic, parenting, and love she also unwillingly enters the political arena through a series of small but socially conscientious acts. Rebellion soon sweeps through land and Kiera is swept along with it along with her lover, Captain Laszlo and Marco, the royal child she saved But betrayal is a fine edged sword and soon Kiera is unable to distinguish between those who will help her and those who want her dead.

Read the rest of my review at Smexy Books.


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