Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WTH Wednesday

Another celebrity... another laugh.

                                                                    WTH are her arms?

                                                    OMG! My gramma has sold her curtains

"I would like to thank George Hamilton, for without him I might be dressing normally."

                                                Nightgowns are for nite-nite time. Just sayin'

                                       Just goes to show you that 4 wrongs do not make a right.

                                                 Angelina- "Brad, what do you think?" * Twirls around*
                                                 Brad-"You look beautiful".
                                                Angelia-"Are you sure? Does everything match?"
                                                Brad-"Of course. You are stunning as usual."
                                                Angelina- "I love you." *Gives him a kiss.*
                                                Brad-"I love you too."
                                               *Thinks to himself-Call my goatee a piece of shit will ya?*

    "Im just a gigolo.... everywhere I go...people know the part I'm playing...."

                                                   I'm never seen scrunchy shoes before.


Jenny said...

Wow, that's a lot of fashion disasters in one place. Angelina looks like she's wearing a trashbag. And Heidi looks absurd.

Anonymous said...

ewwww who is the gigolo guy? BLECH. And he's making a "I'm too sexy" face. BARF.

Anonymous said...

Another fine example of Hollywood fashion horror.

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Jenny-Heidi wore THAT to Project Runaway. WTH?

Pam-That's Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl. The freak! lol

Lily-I think this is how their stylists' get back at them.

Candice said...

RE: The last picture. - Since when did they make a high heel and ankle brace all in one? That's definitely good to know.

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Candice-I figured the nurse in you would appreciate that fine feature. lol