Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My New Review is at Smexy Books-My Lord Scandal by Emma Wildes

Todays review is My Lord Scandal by Emma Wildes

Favorite Quote: "Others may not know you, but I know you."

Lady Amelia has led a rather sheltered life in the country. When her father brings her to London for her introduction to the ton she is an instant success. Dubbed the "Elusive Venus", her beauty commands sonnets and brings fortune hunter out of the woodwork. But Amelia isn't interested in being married off. She hates crowds and merely wants to go back to the country. When she retires early one evening she catches a world be robber sneaking through her bedroom. Shocked yet curious she allows him one kiss before he escapes. That single kiss burns into her memories and she finds herself searching the crowded ballrooms for a glimpse of him.

The robber is none other Lord Alexander St. James. A rake of the first order, Alex is not a thief, but is grandmother has approached him to recover a family heirloom that Amelia's family has in their possession. When Amelia asks her Aunt Sophia about him she is informed he is the enemy and to forget him. But Amelia cannot and soon she and Alex embark on a secret love affair that burns out of control. But their familys’ feud spans several generations and unless Amelia and Alex solve the mystery of the past, they will never have a future.

I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Wilde’s first installment of her Notorious Bachelors series-My Lord Scandal. Based on a group of men who's friendships were solidified through war, each book deals with the life of one friend. Ms. Wildes has created a set of characters that are charismatic and deep in personality and wit.  A wickedly sexy love story with a Romeo and Juliet theme; Lady Amelia Hathaway and Alex St James are two star crossed lovers who defy family and society in order to be together.

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