Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What’s Your Fall TV Fav Lineup?


The  fact I am so excited that the new fall line up is getting ready to start doesn’t say much for my home life huh? lol
I see so many new and old shows I want to watch this year.

New shows I really want to see:

Hawaii Five –O-CBS 10 pm Mon-Cause who DOESN’T love Alex O’Laughlin???

Chase-NBC 10pm Mon-A kick ass  snarky bounty hunter? Oh yea…right up my alley.

Raising Hope-Fox 9pm Tues-An over sexed grandma and a clueless teenage father. Hmmm. Gonna give it a try.

Detroit 187-ABC 10pm Tues-I am a sucker for cop shows. Hill Street Blues is still my all time fav.

The Defenders-CBS 10pm Wed-I am also a sucker for law shows. :)

Hellcats-CW 9pm Wed-If it’s snarky, I’m on it.

Law and Order LA-NBC 10pm Wed-I’m going to give it a try. Frankly, after Jack become less visible and Bobby left, I only watched the SUV version.

Nikita-CW 9m Thur-Once again, kick ass heroine!

Outlaw-NBC 10pm Fri-Hello?? Jimmy Smits. Need I say more?

Now for my old and most fav continuing shows I MUST WATCH:

Castle, House, Chuck,NCIS, NCIS, LA, Glee,Criminal Minds, Lie To Me, Law and Order SUV,The Big Bang Theroy, CSI,The Mentalist, Bones, Fringe,CSI NY, Supernatural,CSI Miami (<3 Horito),Cops, and Americas Most Wanted.

Now will I watch all of those up there? No, not really. lol I’m don’t watch much TV period.

But I’ll catch epi’s here and there of them all.

So tell me…what’s on you Fall TV line up?


A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

I haven't even checked out the new fall schedule yet-I am slacking! I know I want to watch Hawaii Five 0, and if Outlaw has Jimmy Smits in it, then I'm all for that!

Mandi said...

hmmm...Empire Boardwalk on HBO...and househunters. LOL

I'm sure my hubs will add things...Now that Lost is gone, I have nothing to watch :(

Lily of Darkness said...

Oldies but goodies like House, Lie to Me, Bones, Glee and BBT - I heart the Shelly/Penny friendship that is not a friendship but is sorta. LOL

New for me this year? Nikita - I loved La Femme Nikita back in the day so why not give her another shot?