Monday, September 6, 2010

My New Review is at Smexy Books-Cross Your Heart by Michelle Bardsley

Today's review is Cross Your Heart (A Broken Heart Novel #7) by Michelle Bardsley

Favorite Quote: "Jesus. That vocabulary of yours makes me hot...but that snooty tone of yours is what really gets me hard."

While Elizabeth Bretton didn't expect to live forever; she did expect to live for awhile. After her husbands death, she comes home to the family estate in Broken Heart, Oklahoma only to be attacked by a vampire and turned. But life or non life isn't all it's cracked up to be.
When she is attacked in the woods by her home she is saved by the very hot and the very smexy Tezozomec Abraham Elvis  Jones- Tez for short. Tez, a were-jaguar, makes no bones about the fact he'd like to do more with her body then just "save" it from harm, but Elizabeth isn't riding that train. Vampires have a crazy marriage clause. Penetration=a hundred year non negotiable marriage. Plus, Elizabeth seems to have an angry ghost hanging around that wants her dead. As the town couples suddenly start trying to kill each other and the local shape shifters take an un natural interest in Tez;  Elizabeth must dig up her past in order to have a future.

Read the rest of my review at Smexy Books.

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