Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Review of Iron and Hemlock by Autumn Dawn is at Smexy Books

Iron and Hemlock (Gargoyle Series) by Autumn Dawn

Iron & Hemlock
Favorite quote: He moved closer as he spoke, trailing the rose over Jordan’s calf, “I’ve been very naughty.”
Jordon was just minding her own business when in the blink of an eye a car attempts to run her down and lightening strikes to send her back in time. Trapped in the past being pursued by a sexy shape shifter who wants her heart and a dark Fae who just wants her dead; Jordon is about to discover that true love can happen -in the blink of an eye.
Iron and Hemlock is a charming romantic and sexy novella about a woman from the future who is swept back into the past to help correct a wrong. Ms Dawn’s writing is smooth and and her characters tantalizing.

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