Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Review of The Reapers Are The Angels is at Smexybooks.com

The Reapers Are The Angels by Alden Bell

Favorite Quote: ”A fellowship that talks in a language of death. His will to destroy her and her will to remain un destroyed-both things are beautiful and holy.

For the last twenty years, civilization has balanced on the edge of a precipice. A deadly plague struck converting the living and dead in to the living dead. The true living barricade themselves in enclaves, eking out a meager survival. Temple, a young woman, wanders this desolate landscape, clinging to her memories and demons.She doesn’t remember a time before zombies but she does remember a kind old man who took care of her until tragedy struck. As Temple starts her own journey towards redemption and salvation she will encounter many forms of life. Some who will help her, some who will hurt her, and some that will open her heart and finally lead her home.

The Reapers Are The Angels is a dark and mesmerizing southern gothic tale of self discovery, survival, and redemption. Set in a post apocalypse setting, we are shown a society 25 years after a zombie uprising that is slowly beginning to rise from the ashes. It all take place through the thoughts and stories of a young girl named Temple. Born into this desolate world, it tugs and twists you to hear her thoughts on what is essentially the norm for her. I found Temple to be an endearing and fantastically strong protagonist. She operates on another level of consciousness. Swift, calm, and sure-she deals with each calamity as it comes along. Due to past tragedies, she is constantly alluding to the evil she believes taints her soul, fearing more what she believes she is then anything else that roams this dangerous landscape. She’s a wanderer and a recluse,  exiling herself from society as punishment for her perceived transgressions.


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