Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Review of Queen Of Shadows by Dianne Sylvan is at Smexybooks.com

Queen Of Shadows by Dianne Sylvan

Favorite Quote: “Maybe you have time to spend your life afraid. I don’t.”

Miranda Grey feels she is slowly going insane. When she burst on to the Austin music scene with her guitar and astonishing voice, she became an instant success. But that success is demanding a horrible price. She is able to manipulate people’s emotions. But now her powers have grown beyond her control and she is slowing sinking into a never ending madness of sadness and secrets. When she is brutally attacked, her powers manifest themselves into a devastating weapon of destruction. As she lays dying, a stranger comes to her rescue.
David Solomon, Prime of the South, is a vampire. He is in all regards, the king of the Austin vampires. When he outlawed killing humans, he ignited a civil war among the vampires in his sovereign. His growing concern over the welfare of humans angers the older vampires who feel that humans are nothing more then cattle to be slaughtered at will. When David has a chance meeting with Miranda, a connection is made. Later, that connection calls to him and leads him to Miranda as she lays dying. David decides to help Miranda and takes her to his home, Haven. He feels the connection with Miranda going stronger. As he tries to help her heal in both body & soul, the attraction between them grows stronger with each passing day. But David faces mutiny and deceit within his own ranks and knows Miranda cannot stay in his world. Already she is becoming a liability that can be used against him in this war. David regretfully sends her away but has no clue to the strength and determination Miranda has concerning him. As Miranda and David each get on with their lives, fate has them circling back to each other. When Miranda is forcefully dragged in to the vampire war, she will do whatever it takes to be with David.
Even dying.


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