Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Come Read My Review of Haunted Lily by Sidney Fox at Smexybooks

Favorite Quote: “What kind of psycho likes clowns?”

Documentary film maker Darby McGregor had a charmed life until his fiancée is killed on their wedding day. When ghosts, real and imagined, threaten his sanity he finds himself searching for an answer to his problems. He finds Lily Dufrene.
Lily has been interacting with ghosts since she was a small child. Circumstances forced her to lie low and not advertise her talents. Now older, she and her family help others who are being plagued by the supernatural. A young woman who is fighting demons of her own, Lily represents all that could be for Darby. As Darby enters into Lily’s world, he finds he’s not only fighting for his sanity, he’s also fighting for Lily’s life.

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