Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Come Read My Review of Jo Beverly’s Emily and the Dark Angel at Smexybooks


Favorite Quote:
“He’s called the Dark Angel. The devil. His horse is called Beelzebub. He shoots men who like sago pudding.”
“Seems fair. Only the lowest form of life would like that slimy stuff.”

Jo Beverley’s Emily And The Dark Angel was originally part of a series that began with Lord Wraybourne's Betrothal. I have waited a very long time for Piers Verderan’s story and am pleased that it lived up to my expectations.
Emily Granwich is a 20 something spinster who lives a quiet life in the country with her invalid father and eccentric aunt. Her brother is considered missing in action so she handles the family's estate business much to her father’s dismay. When in town on business she is “assaulted” by a flying box of violet body powder which erupts and covers her head to toe.
The intended victim of the powdery weapon is Piers Verderan. Dubbed the “Dark Angel” by enemies -he is considered a deadly man without a conscience. In town for the start of the hunting season, he comes to Ms Granwich’s assistance and soon appears in Emily’s life more often then she likes.
Yet for all the rumors surrounding him, Emily can’t help but wonder if Piers is as bad as he is painted? Though warned that no descent woman should be seen in his company, Piers shows remarkable restraint and courtesy when in Emily’s company. As our hero and heroine begin the intricate dance of romance and love, will Emily listen to her heart or her family when dealing with her Dark Angel?


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