Saturday, October 9, 2010

My review of One Wicked Mistake by Emma Wildes is at Smexy Books

One Wicked Mistake (Notorious Bachelors #2) by Emma Wildes

Favorite Quote: “You just feel....enormous.”

Lady Brewer is in trouble. She is being blackmailed and believes she has killed the blackmailer. She immediately sends for Viscount Altea. After all, someone of his reputation knows all about sordid affairs.
Luke Daudet, Viscount Altea, shared one incredible night of passion in the arms of Madeline May, the widowed Lady Brewer. However, secrets from his past make him incapable of accepting the deep feelings Madeline inspires in him so he denies himself and ends their affair. But Luke has never forgotten Lady Brewer. And when she summons for him for help he knows that this time he may not be able to walk away.
In Emma Wildes 2nd installment of her Notorious Bachelors series, we are given Luke Daudet, Viscount Altea’s story. Luke is a member of the trio who friendships were solidified during the war. A devastating act broke Luke’s heart during the war and from that day forward he vowed never to allow anyone to become close to him, to have that power over him, again. Luke drifts through life staying emotionally detached until one night with the lovely Lady Brewer.  One night with her shows Luke that she and she alone has the power to tear down the wall he has built around his heart. But Luke cannot handle the consuming power of their passion and leaves her bed and her life.
When Madeline Mays, Lady Brewer, summons Luke to her home to help her deal with a potentially life altering situation, he realizes that he is still caught within her spell. Luke immediately used his considerable influence and resources to extract her from this situation and sets out to find who is threatening her. But Madeline wants more then help from Luke so she propositions him-offering a no strings affair. No longer able to resist her charms, Luke accepts and soon they embark on a seductive and sensual affair that leaves them poised on the edge.

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