Saturday, October 2, 2010

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No Mercy (Dark Hunters #19) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Favorite Quote: "You I expected better of." He turned his swirling sliver gaze from Sam to Dev and Fang. "You two not so much."

Dev Peliter has always worked the door of the Sanctuary; a bar run by his family. They offer a safe place for all manners of supernatural beings to eat & drink in peace. But after his parents are killed in a battle to protect his sister’s mate and the bar’s protection is revoked by Savitar...Dev begins to wonder if his life doesn’t lie beyond the Sanctuary. 

Then she arrives. 

Samia Savage. Samia (Sam) is part of an elite Dark Hunter group called the Dogs of War. She was an Amazon queen before being brutally betrayed and  murdered. Sam cried for vengeance and Artemis answered. The attraction between Dev and Sam is instantaneous. But Sam is here for a reason. The Daimons have developed the ability to walk in the sun which bodes ill for the Dark Hunters who now have no protection against the Daimons during the day. To make matters worse, Sam may hold the key to bring the Daimons out of darkness forever and allow them to rule the Earth.

In Kenyon’s latest installment in her fantastical Dark Hunter’s series we are given Dev’s story. Dev Peliter has always been a favorite character of mine and I was thrilled to see his story finally arrive. With his witty “no filter” commentary and his over the top paranoid delusions, we are treated to a fast paced entertaining read that balances humor and suspense in perfect harmony.

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