Friday, October 29, 2010

Well, Since You Asked…


Today's email is brought to us by a fashionista that thinks I read to much.


Dear Gigi,

While I love your blog; I especially enjoy WTH Wednesday, I wonder why you have so many book reviews on here. I thought you were a fashionista?



The People Of Walmart Inspire Me


First off, if you are truly a fashionista…the people of Walmart should NEVER inspire you unless it’s what NOT to wear in public. Second, I like WTH Wednesday too. :) Third, being a fashionisa is a persona you cultivate. It’s not just about 1 thing. A well rounded fashionista knows about their world and the world around them. Fashion, travel, books, health, beauty….all that make a fashionista. I do book reviews because I like to read. I garden because I like plants. I shop because I like clothes. Don’t limit yourself to a label. Be free. Be you. :)




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