Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Review Of edge Of Sight by Roxanne St. Claire is at Smexybooks


Favorite Quote: “Us. Love. Forever. Sight. Wholeness. You.”

When Sam Fairchild witnesses the  murder of a local celebrity, she becomes the target of a professional assassin. Not trusting the local authorities, she turns to her friend, investigative reporter Vivi Angelino. When Vivi recruits her brother Zach to help protect Samantha, the sparks fly. Zach, a Special Ops war vet, and Sam had a passionate 3 week affair that ended when Zach went to war and never contacted her again. As Zach and Sam are swept into a conspiracy that corrupts the entire city; they will have confront all that happened in the past in order to secure their future.

Come read the rest of my review of this exciting debut in to Ms. St. Claire’s newest series-The Guardian Angelinos at Smexybooks.

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