Friday, November 19, 2010

Well…Since You Asked. Blog I Love

Here are some blogs that leave me jealous that I didn’t think of that.


Fake Karl
This anonymous blogger hilariously channels “Uncle Karl”  and lays siege to everything from blood diamonds to chinchillas. Nothing is sacred and for that I say, “THANK YOU!”


Life According To Candice
This blogger who has a tongue in cheek opinion on everything and everyone from family, friends, and her patients at work. Milk through the nose blowing funny. Srsly.


Cute Overload
Yes, even I get sucked in by cute fur baby pictures. But the snarky remarks are a bonus.

Material Girls
A one-of-a-kind interior design blog that features tips and advice from real designers on the latest trends and fashions for the home, topped with a sprinkle of pop culture.


Yes, I blog here too, but regardless I would still think it’s a FAB blog even if I didn’t. Mandi doesn’t just blog an eclectic list of books; she shares her love of spreadsheets, Brandon Flowers,  smut, and much more.

The perfect tech blog for inepts like me.


Danger Room
This blog talks about war, the gov’t, and policy making. Verra scary.


Covers all the fashion industry’s latest news/gossip, really informative and well linked – If you want to know whats up with your favorite model or designer then go here.


Do you get irritated because the media doesn’t seem tp report everything? Well, so does this blog. They have been ferreting out information since 1996 and doing a damn fine job of it.


Cake Wrecks
Really, the name says it all. A fabulously hilarious blog that takes cake decorating to a whole new level.


What are some of your fav blogs???

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