Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Review of Kylie Brant’s Deadly Intent is at Smexybooks

Favorite Quote: “That familiar numbness was sliding over her again. She welcomed it like an old friend. Looking straight in his eyes, she whispered, “What are you feeling right now?”

When a Denver tycoon’s 11 year old daughter is kidnapped for the 2nd time, the parents call in the renowned investigative  team-Raiker Forensics. Macy Reid is a expert forensic linguist for Raiker Forensics. She is also an expert on kidnapping since she herself was abducted as a child. Macy’s nemesis, Kellan Burke is also slated for this mission. A wise cracking rule breaking investigator-he lives for getting under Macy’s skin. But a single night of passion changes things for both of them and soon the investigation and their personal lives will hinge on the one thing Macy and Kellan may not be able to do. Trust each other.

Read my review at Smexybooks.

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