Monday, November 22, 2010

Things That Caught My Eye

KC from Smokinhotbooks took one for the team last week when she selflessly followed, cleaned up, and presented us with only the good stuff from Gena Showalter’s chat about her smoking hot LOTU series. That’s Lords Of The Underworld series for those who have not read it. And if you say you haven’t then I really have to ask WHY??? If you do read this series, go check it out. KC sniffed out all the juicy tidbits about who’s stories are coming and certain match ups in the works.

When I heard that Eva Longoria Parker and Tony Parker were divorcing you could have knocked me over with a feather. Apparently Tony isn’t just friendly with his teammates but also their wives. This makes me sad. I honestly thought they had a pretty good marriage. :(


Mandi from Smexybooks shared this site on her blog and it is hilarious.
damn you autocorrect is a visual look at the trials and tribulations smartphone users have to deal with when their phone “auto corrects” for them.


Martha Stewart+Zac Posen=???

Zac Posen is not having a good year. :(  Both his main line and his lower priced Z Spoke received harsh reviews, his mom quit as CEO of his company to pursue “other” things, and his dreams of dressing Bella for Breaking Dawn is a bust. BUT….he did win a 6 week internship for $3500 with Martha Stewart. So could his luck be changing? I doubt it, but I see a lot of glitter in his future.


LMAO!!! Refinery 29 posts a tongue in cheek guide on to How To Be  A Star Blogger for all the wanna be fashionistas who feel they have what it takes to rule the fashion world one post at a time.



Lanvin is at select H&M stores.
Go forth, buy, be happy. :)

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