Friday, December 24, 2010

Well Since You Asked…

It’s Christmas Eve and it seems that there are always a few stragglers looking for gift ideas, wrapping advice or anything in between. So I’ve gotten together a ideas and such to help you out. You can thank you later.


Givenchy's BDSM Masks-Come on, we both know there is someone on your Christmas list that would use these.


Proverbial Wallets-For the spendy personon your list-this wallet actually gets harder to open the more money you spend. Ha. Like that would stop me. Pooo-leeze.


For the “princess” on your list. Kate Middleton caught Prince William’s eye (among other things) modeling this dress for a student fashion show. For a mere £10,000, your princess can catch her prince’s, errr, eye too wearing this Charlotte Todd original.


The 2011 United Bamboo Cat Calendar –Buy one for everyone on the list ‘cause these are just too damn cute!


For the Lady Gaga fan on your list-The MEAT-LACE by Onch Movement. Guaranteed to never spoil but I can’t guarantee it won’t offend.


Need to wrap it all? Here’s some helpful tips for you.

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Fiction Vixen said...

You so had me until I got to the meat-lace. I'm outta here. Merry Christmas Tori. I heart you!!! xoxo

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Fiction Vixen -Damn! I always go one to far. :( Merry Cold Season sweetie!! I <3 you more. xoxo