Monday, January 17, 2011

My Review Of Right Hand Magic by Nancy A. Collins At Smexy Books

Favorite Quote: “If I hadn’t known he was a were-cougar, my only thought upon seeing him was that he was in desperate need of a brow wax...”

When Timothea Alda Talmadge Eresby aka Tate needs more space in order to create her sculptures she finds a deal to good to be true. The problem? It’s located in Golgotham. A magical section of New York, Golgotham is home to all supernatural creatures. Tate takes a chance and arranges to see the apartment for rent. There she meets the landlord-super sexy Hexe.
A true blood Kymeran, Hexe is a witch and a healer who wants to build his own reputation by practicing only right hand magic (clean magic). As Tate is drawn deeper into Hexe’s world, they are dragged into supernatural fight that will take everything they have to survive.


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