Monday, January 17, 2011

Things That Caught My Eye

iPhone DOES do it all


Srsly? You need an APP to show you how to do this? Back in the day you either had it or you didn’t.


Those Favres Ain’t Nothin’ But Trouble


Brett Favre isn’t the only on trying to dodge a legal hail of bullets. Brandi Farve, Brett’s sister, was busted in a meth lab raid not 10 miles from the family homestead.
Is it the water there?



2011 Golden Globes

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Looks like color was a no show on the red carpet last night as an endless sea of pale gowns and matching faces graced us with their presence. 

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I think some may have mis read the awards invitation. It was please ATTEND the Golden Globes, not please SHOW your Golden Globes.

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And then you have some that I think have been using the iphone roll your own joint app.


Damn Spoilers!!!


I'm sure you all know that I have been waiting for KMM’s Shadowfever for, oh, OVER A YEAR! 2 days ago a very unscrupulous retailer LEAKED the first 2 chapters of the book online. WTH? Why would you do that? KMM got wind and went ahead and released the first 2 chapters on her site to counter it. But still. Do you know how HARD it has been for me not to read those 2 chapters? I may be the only on in the world who has not. So to you -Me/Ms I  Needed That Money Really Bad To Break My Contract With A Major Author And Torment Tori So Bad- I say Screw you. I will emerge triumphant!
Only 1 more day. *thud*


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    WINNERS              LOSERS


Marilyn Monroe the Brand??


Being dead seems to pay. Although Marilyn Monroe has been gone for almost 50 years, she can still bring it to the table. Authentic Brands, who also handles Bob Marley’s estate and entertainment licensing company Neca, have decided to pick up the rights to the blonde bombshell’s name. A report from the Financial Times reveals that the new owners of Monroe’s name have big plans for it. Although nothing has been disclosed yet, the deal is rumored to be close to $30 million.



And The New Miss America Is…

Nebraska's 17-year-old Teresa Scanlan was named Miss America Saturday becoming the youngest winner ever in the pageant's history.

Personally, I don’t do pageants. Having had a former friend that was all into pageants, I still have nightmares involving spray tanning, fake claws, and a high pitched voice screeching, “OMGGGGGGG, does this make me look fat?”

Unless it’s Toddlers & Tiaras.

Srsly, I’m embarrassed that I watch this show. These mothers are freaking C.R.A.Z.Y. It’s like watching a train wreck. You know it’s going to be bad but you can’t stop watching. After every episode I want to call my mom and tell her I love her.

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