Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Review of Senseless by Mary Burton is at Smexy Books

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Favorite Quote: “She thought for a moment he would reject her. She wondered if she could bear the rejection.”

Eva Rayburn lost 10 years of her life when she was convicted of murder. But she has served her time and now just wants to get on with her life. But when the business she works for is set ablaze and a dead body is found; the crime scene is eerily reminiscent of the very crime Eva was incarcerated for. A crime Eva isn’t even sure she committed.

Detective Deacon Garrison has been assigned to the case. As he investigates the murder and arson; the connection to Eva becomes apparent. As does the feeling that Eva didn’t commit the crime she was convicted of.

Eva and Deacon forge an uneasy alliance as they follow a twisted path of lies, secrets, and cover ups to a serial killer who won’t stop until Eva becomes their final victim.

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