Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reviewing Precious And Fragile Things by Megan Hart at Smexy Books

Favorite Quote: ” Count to ten. Bite your tongue. Keep yourself together, Gilly. Don't lose it. Don't lose it.”

Gilly Soloman is a stay at home mom of two small children who spends her days and nights catering to her family’s needs while ignoring her own. Gilly is headed for an overload and wishes for a small break from her life. When she is carjacked, Gilly gives into her wish. But rather then a day or two of peace, she is snowbound with her kidnapper for 3 months with no way out. As Gilly begins to bond with her kidnapper, she never lets her self forget that he is teetering on the edge and one wrong move could destroy them both.

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