Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WTH Wednesday-Oh yea, I Went There

I have always been a Hello Kitty fan though as I got older my need to have drastically declined. A friend of mine sent me to this site and now Hello Kitty officially freaks me out. Thanks Kelly. You rock. Not. See for yourself.
 Hello Kitty Hell
hello-kitty-hannibal-plush-400x336 hello-kitty-coke-pipe-400x299
Hello Kitty Hannibal Lector                    Hello Kitty Bejeweled Cocaine Straw
Hello Kitty Fetus                                  Hello Kitty AK-47

I have never had this particular problem but this product had me sitting on my hands and ducting taping my mouth shut because it begs, just begs, for something to be said. Me & hubs were out doing each other left and right last night but since this is a nice blog….you’ll have to think of them yourself.
Kush Support

All I can say is that thing isn’t going between ANYTHING of mine. EVAH!

I LOVE Failblog.Org When I’m feeling a little down, nothing beats seeing someone probably feeling worse-and caught an camera. It’s a sickness… what can I say.
I think I’m going to copy this and hang it up over my toilet.

One of these things just doesn’t belong there. 0_0

Now, I’m not making fun of anyone’s religious beliefs or ideas, but how can they know the exact date when the world will end? The article, which you can find here, claims this group’s leader calculated the date. How do we know his calculations are correct? Maybe his calculator was off. Maybe he carried the 2 instead of the 1. What if it ends May 20th, 2011? According to the gospel of Matthew, no one will know for sure when the end of days will come.
Personally I’m going to live dangerously and think of May 21st as just another crappy day of the month.

Alex Ritman wrote an interesting article for The National recently claiming that, “Reading slushy romance novels = not cool. Reading slushy romance novels via a Kindle = still not cool, but nobody can tell.”
Apparently, I read slushy romance novels on my e reader because I don’t want anyone to know what I’m reading. I’m in shameful denial.
Ummmmm…no. I read them on my e reader for many different reasons. Sometimes they are only published in digital form. Sometimes I can get it for free in digital but would have to pay $6.99 for it in print. Sometimes I want that book NOW and not in a few hours or days. I also don’t just read slushy romances on the old shame hiding e reader either. Nope. Sometimes I hide in shame that I read slutty sci-fi, fantastical fantasy, arse kicking urban fantasy, intriguing political essays, tear jerker classics, and awesome knitting books.
I know what your thinking, “OMG…knitting books? You shameful HUSSY!" It’s a problem but I’m dealing with it.
Tell you what Mr. Ritman. Don’t worry about what’s on my e reader and I won’t worry about what’s on yours. ;)

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