Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I’m Reviewing Hexbound by Chloe Neill at Smexy Books

Favorite Quote:”Well, we’re in the convent and they’re in the convent. That’s two too many people in the convent.”

Lily Parker has had to grow up hard and fast since arriving at St. Sophia’s School for girls. Previous events (see Firespell) opened a whole new world for Lily; showing her new and dangerous things about her friends and herself. But now she is adapting to being an Adept and trying to control her newly found Firespell powers. She is still concerned about her parents activities and Sebastian. When Lily and the other Adepts are doing a normal sweep through the tunnels under Chicago they are attacked by creatures they have never seen before. As Lily and her friends investigate this new development, Lily is given some information that raises questions about the Dark Elites, the Reapers, and everything she has been taught so far.

See the rest of my review at Smexy Books.

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