Monday, March 7, 2011

Things that caught my eye

Bike week in Florida gets old real quick.


Buy a Pair of Broken-in Jeans for $1,200, Sexual History Included
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Now I’m all for DIY and recycling but this may be taking it all a little to far. Derek Burgess, a designer out of Philly, is working on a reconstituted concept that has many people raising a few eyebrows. And cans of Lysol. At $1,200 per pair, his “Wastelanders”, loosely based on his interest apocalyptic fiction, encompasses both the process of creating the garment and its affinity to modern, performance art. Simply put, Burgess records anything of interest that happens while wearing the jeans, from fist fights to sexual encounters, and makes it part of that garment’s history. Go HERE for more details.



Courtney Love Fined $430,000 For Calling Fashion Designer "Asswipe" On Twitter
As part of a legal settlement, Courtney Love agreed to begin paying $430,000 this week to fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir who claimed that Ms. Love had posted multiple defamatory 140-character remarks about her on Twitter in March 2009, ruining her reputation and her business.
This case has been closely watched not only because Ms. Love’s celebrity status but also because it would have been one of the first high-profile cases addressing the question of what amounts to defamation on social sites. And what part do they play opposed to traditional media outlets.


Peacock Fingertips Backstage at Jen Kao during NYFW 2011



Hot Shot: Manish Arora’s Magic Tricks
At the Manish Arora runway show in Paris, a bearded magician performed several classic tricks. Here he's making model Charlotte Free appear in a box that, a few seconds earlier, was empty.



My bloggie partner at Smexy Books- Mandi- is 5’8 1/2.
This surprised me. Why you ask? I don;t know. I guess because I’m 5’2 1/2 and I stupidly assume everyone is as short as me.


4 things you never knew about Pac-Man

-The game was developed to attract girls to the gaming table
-The concept of the game revolves around food
-The ghosts were almost 1 single color
-Only Blinky is set to intentionally follow Pac Man. The rest are designated to stay at certain points in relation to Pac Man.


More books I want (that I’m not reviewing)

JIll Shalvis-The Sweetest Things

Releases March 29th

Pleasure me by Monica Burns

Releases March 29th



My kidlet is riding the school bus for the very first time today. Someone hold me. :(


Gutterflower said...

On the jeans - I have a pair of 501s I bought in my senior year of high school in 1978. I have worn them and worn them and worn them. They were not distressed intentionally. They honestly earned every rip and fray on them. I get offered big bucks when I wear them out now. They are so delicate that at this point I baby them by washing them in a lingerie bag so they don't get shredded in the washer. I don't trust them to the dry cleaner.

Oh, the stories they could tell...

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Gutterflower-Share that story and you might get $1200.00 bucks for them. lol