Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WTH Wednesday-Giving thanks to…



Oil changing place that forgot to seal oil cap up tight and let me blow oil all down the road and the side of my car.


Guy who’s car stalled in front of my driveway last night and couldn’t be bothered to move it to the side of the road therefore making ME at 7:30 am push the mofo out of the way.


Library that somehow managed to lose my book waiting list so now I have to re up all my books and start the wait all over again.


Lady at walmart who couldn’t wait 5 seconds for me to move so you grabbed can over my head only to dislodge other cans and bean me in the head about 6 times. Oh, and thanks for the apology. Appreciated that too.


Dry cleaning place that starched my clothing WITHOUT cleaning them so now they have permie stains and a  lovely burnt cabbage smell.


Bank for taking my free for your lifetime checking, charging me about $100 bucks in fees, and sending me notice of the change AFTER you did it all.


and last but not least…


Charlie Sheen for joining Twitter to make it easier to watch your amusing but sad behavior.

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