Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WTH Wednesday

When fashion surpasses the sublime and enters the unimaginable…


The Olsen twins remind me of those creepy twins in The Shining. Only, the Olsens won’t go away.


When you take the bull by the horns…oh hell, I don’t know what this is.


Oh Hoffman. I can ignore the multiple Union Jacks, but I can’t ignore the crappy wash bootcut jeans with the loafers.


I think this says it all.


Just when I think Sarah Silverman can’t pull off anything worse…she surprises me once again. GO SARAH!!


Audrina Patridge looks to be channeling her inner Joan Collins.

1 comment:

Fiction Vixen said...

Is that a recent pic of the O twins? Are they really still dressing in the over-sized baggy clothes? Not a nice look. :(