Monday, April 4, 2011

I’m reviewing An Unlikely Countess by Jo Beverly at Smexy Books

An Unlikely Countess (Malloren #11)

Favorite Quote:
“Are you a gamester? she asked. “Will you lose it all and leave me and the perhaps the children, in a place like White Rose Yard?”
“On my honor, no. Nor am I a drunkard, though I do as you know, enjoy drink.”
“So do I, “ she replied wistfully.

When Catesby Burgoyne rescues a woman from ruffians, he never imagines the ways this woman will change his life.
Prudence Youlgrave is more then a victim of ruffians. Her own brother has left her dissolute her upon marrying into money. When she is almost forced into a terrible marriage, Catesby rescues her again, with a proposal of his own.
But Catesby has a secret. A secret that could destroy his and Prudence’s marriage before it even starts.
Jo Beverly once again takes us on a delightfully romantic journey through Regency England and into the lives of the upper class that rule it. Filled with witty dialogue, strong personable characters, and hints of intrigue and scandal, An Unlikely Countess is a wonderful historical romance that captured me from page one.

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