Thursday, April 14, 2011

I’m reviewing Waking The Witch by Kelley Armstrong at Smexy Books

Waking The Witch (Women of the Otherworld, #11)

Favorite Quote: “The unspeakable sex acts might change my mind but for right now I’m happy in my current employment.”

With their rotating lead characters, feisty female narrators, and absorbing mystery plotlines, Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series (formerly called "Women of the Otherworld") novel merit even standalone scrutiny. At the center of Waking the Witch, the latest entry, is Savannah Levine, a twenty-one-year-old newbie detective whose first case appears to be a triple ritual killing. Like its predecessors, this urban fantasy combines the best features of mystery and supernatural fiction: prime time crime snooping and paranormal plot dimensions. Editor’s recommendation.(Goodreads)

Waking The Witch is Savannah Levine’s story. Daughter of an infamous dark witch and cut throat sorcerer, we meet Savannah in Stolen and catch glimpses of her in Dime Store Magic & Industrial Magic. Savannah is taken in and raised by Paige and Lucas after her mother, Eve, was brutally murdered. I love Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series and was very pleased to see Waking The Witch would revolve around Savannah. Smooth writing with engaging characters and lovely snarky dialogue swept me back up into Ms. Armstrong’s world from page one.

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