Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WTH Wednesday-Everyone wants to Ebay

Courtney Love, the sometimes volatile, always strange, but never boring queen of grunge has decided to open an Ebay store. Oh…be still my heart. Called Courtney Love Couture, the store claims to have authentic pieces worn by Courtney Love.  And like Courtney, there is beauty and crazy loaded up in there.


courtney love ebay2 
Vintage Satin Slip WORN By Courtney LoveThis seller accepts PayPal
2 Bids: $202.50
Because everyone wants a stained unknown maker satin slip.


courtney love ebay3
Marc Jacobs Gold Applique Dress OWNED By Courtney LoveThis seller accepts PayPal
0 Bids
I do like this one. But I’m shocked Marc Would even let her near his clothing.


$(KGrHqF,!k0E2D1D Uk2BNnpvk3(8Q~~0_3 
Red Baby Doll Dress OWNED By Courtney LoveThis seller accepts PayPal
1 Bid:$299.00
This should have stayed in her closet. Wayyyyyy back in her closet.


Rick Owens Leather Jacket OWNED By Courtney LoveThis seller accepts PayPal
1 Bid:$399.00
I’m on the fence with this. It looks cheap. But a fab price for Rick Owens.


Now if your thinking of bidding, the ebayer running this store- c.lovecouture –has 100% Positive feedback. Of course, they also only have 3 feedbacks, I admit I’m shocked they can even sell. See, the Ebay rule of thumb (for us peons) is that you must have a feedback of 10 before you can sell anything. I see this did not apply to c.lovecouture. That makes me wonder if they are also being help to the frozen fund rule. That rule states stat all new sellers will have their funds frozen until buyer leaves positive feedback or item shows delivered. Somehow, I’m thinking no.


Either way, if your jonsing for some of Courtney Love’s castoffs-look no further then Ebay.

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