Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I’m reviewing The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter at Smexy Books


Favorite Quote: “It was too late for happy endings. I was already dead.”

In The Goddess Test, Aimee Carter takes Greek Mythology and the story of Persephone and revamps them into a modern day tale appropriate for teens. In here, Hades (Henry) is an immortal teenager who did not steal or trick Persephone into staying with him. It was an arranged marriage. Unfortunately she was not happy so she feel in love with a mortal and asked to die with him. Thus leaving Hades (Henry) without a co-ruler. The underworld was not meant to be ruled single handedly so Henry and the council of Olympus Gods and Goddesses devise a series of tests for potential girls who want to become Henry’s wife and Queen. So far eleven girls have been murdered before they can pass the tests.

Girl number twelve is our protagonist, Katherine (Kate) Winters. She comes to Eden at the request of her dying mother. Kate has took care of her cancer ridden mother for 4 years and know her time is coming to an end. When she arrives in Eden she is immediately befriended by James-a geeky boy and Ava-a popular cheerleader. When Ava plays a prank on Kate that goes horribly wrong, Kate meets Henry. Henry offers her a choice. Her friends life in exchange for hers. He tells her to read the story of Persephone and he will come to her soon for her answer. After a few unfortunate events occur, Kate accepts Henry’s offer and goes with him to his home. There she finds out that she will have to pass 7 tests to become the new Queen. For if she fails, she will lose her mother, her memories, and Henry.

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