Monday, May 16, 2011

Things that caught my eye

Children and Botox


Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer did an interview last week with a woman who is injecting her 8 year old with Botox. According to Kerry (mom), her daughter Britney wants the botox because she doesn’t like the wrinkles on her face. Plus, Kerry feels that Brittany will perform better in pageants.


You think convincing your 8 year old that she is not beautiful enough just the way she is is being a good mom? While Botox is not illegal to give to children, the FDA has not done significant testing on it in conjunction for use on children and recommends it only for those 18 years of age and older. Why? Because they are CHILDREN and don’t need Botox.

In an interview earlier this month with the UK publication, The Sun, Kerry has also reportedly administered bikini waxes to her daughter in the hopes that she won't grow pubic hair. She told The Sun, "All I want is for Britney to have the best start in life, so it is easier for her to become a superstar." The Botox products for little Britney are allegedly purchased online and administered by Kerry, who claims to have no doubts about the treatments' safety.

After Lara Spencer’s interview, the San Francisco Department of Child Services has launched an investigation into the family.


And arsehole of the year goes too….


Jesse James is promoting his new book- American Outlaw-by publically humiliating and bashing his ex wife Sandra Bullock. He has cited her being an actress (she’s used to living a lie) to living in Hollywood (land of lies) as reasons for his misconduct. In his latest interview he revealed that while he took 'full responsibility' for the break-up of his marriage, he didn't think his cheating was anything unusual. Hear that Kat? Cheating is no big deal to Jesse. You might remember that for future references because chances are in about 2-4 years Jesse will be hanging you out to dry in public like the rest of his wives before you.

He also revealed to Howard Stein in a radio interview many issues between he and Sandra that should have remained private just for the sake of common courtesy.

WHAT?  How like Jesse to blame everyone and everything but himself for his own colossal mistakes.

Clinging to his fiancée (and soon to be fourth wife) Kat Von D, he claims she must truly love him to stand by him while the rest of the world shunned him. Dude, your infamous now. By standing with you she becomes famous or infamous right along with you.

I give many, many props to Sandra Bullock for going about her life and staying quiet about the whole “affair”. Perhaps that is what is causing Jesse to whine about his affairs and feelings to everyone who will listen. Because the one person who he feels should care…doesn’t.


Blogger down


Nice. Friday the 13th lived up to it’s name when Blogger went down for maintenance and had a hard time recovering. Glitch? Technical problems? Who knows. But when all my posts for the last 48 hours deleted, it furthered my conviction that posting to blogger through Windows Live was the best move I had ever made.



Angry birds


I’ve heard many of my peeps talking about the game Angry Birds which is available on android phones. Since I use a Blackberry, this app is not available to use on my phone. *insert sad face*  Imagine my surprise and delight that Angry Birds is now offered free online. Now I too can play all day and ignore my work and family. w00T!




Abercrombie & Fitch opened a flagship store in Paris with a unique marketing strategy. 101 shirtless male models stood outside the store to promote it’s opening. Given France’s love of sweets-this eye candy is sure to appeal to all.


Can’t make it to France? Don’t worry. The US stores will have a shirtless male staff all year long.


Bloggers VS Print Editors-The FTC Attempts to Explain the Freebie Rule

The Cut and Racked have been following and questioning the FTC’s rule that bloggers are required by the FTC to disclose freebies and samples while print editors don't. In 2009 the FTC started cracking down hard on bloggers and the need for them to explain and justify the freebie’s they receive and blog about. Many blogger’s started fighting back, wanting the FTC to explain why THEY had to explain but print editor’s did not.

Go HERE for Racked’s conversation with Mary Engle, the Director of the Federal Trade Commission's Division of Advertising Practices.


Helyce said...

Hey-I'm loving checking out your blog daily! My daughter (12) got hooked on that show Toddlers & Tiaras-I couldn't believe some of those moms and I don't have nice things to say-but Botox-mom-CPS should be making a visit to that one. She is just sick.

Jesse and Kat-I have one word- Karma

OMG-A&F-YUM is the word. Course, I feel like a perv now cause they are probably all barely legal-but oh so very pretty! I walk past this store just to look at the ads and smell that smell that they pump through the store.

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Heyce-Awww thanks. I try. lol
Yes, I love A&F. I want to go to the shirtless store. :P

That mother-OMG. I feel so bad for her little girl. The issues she will have growing up. *shaking head*

I can't believe she dumped Nikki Sixx for HIM. He's a loser with a capital L.