Thursday, May 12, 2011

I’m reviewing One Magic Moment by Lynn Kurland at Smexy Books

One Magic Moment

Favorite Quote: “I’m not sure I’ll survive you.”

Tess Alexander is still trying to come to terms with the fact her sister, Pippa (One Enchanted Evening), is married to an honest to goodness 13th century knight and now lives in the  13th century with him. Though Tess, a professor of medieval history, has been deeded her very own medieval castle (Sedgewick), Tess remains with her feet firmly in the present. She has no time for fairy tales or mystical knights. When her car is in need of a minor repair she takes it to the small body shop in her village and sees him. The spitting image of her Pippa’s husband Montgomery. The husband who lives 800 yeas in the past. Tess refuses to get caught up in this nonsense again and does what any sensible rational person would do...she runs.

John de Piaget has no need for the past. His life is in the present and he plans to keep it that way. But seeing Tess fills him with emotion, memories, and fear as he finally understands what “love at first sight” truly means. And when Tess’s life and his past are threatened by an unknown assailant, John and Tess will have to trust in the past as time struggles to correct their future.

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