Friday, May 13, 2011

Well since you asked-no, I’m not a morning person


*conversation from last night*

Kid-We have to be at school kind of early tomorrow.

Me-What’s “kind of early?”


Me-WHAT? Why?

Kid-Because the buses leave at 7:15am.

Me-What bus?

Kid-For my field trip mom.

Me-What field trip?

Kid-*sigh* You know, the 4th grade field trip? The one you paid for? 3 months ago?

Me-Is it on the calendar?


Me-Hmmm. *looking at calendar and realizing I haven’t changed it since Feb 1998*  Ok. But why so early? Why can’t it be an afternoon trip?

Kid-*geesh* I don’t know. Are you going to take me or should I hitchhike?

Me-Very funny. I’ll take you.

Kid-Can you get up that early?


Kid-Can you get up that early and get dressed?

Me-Jeebus. I have to get dressed to?

Kid-I’ll set all the alarms, your phone, and have Gamma and Dad call and wake you up.

Me-Your good peoples kiddo. :)


Lisa said...

I love these little snippets you share! I thought for sure it was heading to "don't you remember you signed up to chaperone mom?" I'm so glad mine are past grade school now. No more field trips! Thanks for the giggle!

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Lisa-LOL Thank you I would have had to have been high to volunteer to chaperone.