Friday, May 13, 2011

Review: The Last Time I Saw Paris by Lynn Sheene at Smexy Books

The Last Time I Saw Paris

Favorite Quote: “You are late.”

Clare Harris reinvented herself from dirt poor farmer’s daughter into a dazzling socialite. She marries into money only to find out that her husband requires her to use her beauty and considerable charms on his clients. Claire has spent her whole life burying her emotions; this is a walk in the park for her. But when her past catches up with her, she knows that she must escape her husband before he forfeits her life. So she uses her wiles and wickedly ways to secure passage to Paris in hopes her former lover Laurent will be glad to see her.

She arrives in Paris just as it surrenders to the Nazi’s and soon finds herself with no money, no papers, and no Laurent. When the owner of an elegant flower shop offers her employment and a place to live, she begins to find purpose to her life beyond being a rich man’s trophy. When it becomes apparent that she has no papers she is approached by the French Resistance and made an offer-work for us and she’d be supplied with a new identity with paperwork to match. As Claire moves deeper into the Resistance, she is asked more and more to risk her life for information. When she is betrayed and an English man she has befriended and begun to love is captured, Claire risks everything to bring him home safely.

The Last Time I Saw Paris is a compelling and bittersweet novel of a young pragmatic woman’s journey of self discovery through war torn Paris during the Nazi occupation.

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