Monday, May 9, 2011

I’m reviewing Something Secret This Way Comes by Sierra Dean at Smexy Books.

Something Secret This Way Comes


Favorite Quote: ”You have my word that any future insults will be much more personalized and meant only for you.”

Secret McQueen is a bounty hunter. Half vampire and half werewolf, she was hired by the vampire council at age 16 to hunt and kill rogue vampires. Now at age 22, her name is the vampire equivalent of the bogey man. Keeping her dual nature a secret is difficult enough without being soul bonded to the king of the werewolves. Lucas Rain, the East Coast King, wants Secret as his queen. His body guard Desmond wants Secret too.

When an enemy from the past comes back to finish Secret off once and for all, she will have to use her expose dual nature to save herself and everyone around her.

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