Thursday, June 23, 2011

I’m reviewing Frostbound by Sharon Ashwood at Smexy Books


Favorite Quote: “Bad dog!”

Talia Rostova is a young vampire who has gone rogue. Turned against her will as revenge against her family, Talia ran away from her psychotic sire and went into hiding with her cousin. When Talia’s cousin is found brutally murdered, Talia believes she was the intended victim. Before she can decide what to do she is taken into custody by Lore, a smoking hot alpha hellhound. Lore is acting sheriff while Alessandro Caravelli is away on a much needed vacation with his family. Lore doesn’t know if Talia is guilty or innocent, but he’s not taking any chances and keeps Talia locked up in his apartment while he investigates. But things are heating up in Fairview. The queen is coming for a visit, the upcoming elections may result in the first supernatural mayor, and there is an evil that is slowly entering the city…an evil that has Talia square in it’s sights.

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