Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I’m reviewing Moira Roger’s Kisri at Smexy Books.


Favorite Quote: “How? How do I feel?”
“Like…like heaven and hell, all at once.”

Once upon a time there lived a young lioness princess in a castle far, far away. Every man for miles wanted to tame her. Not for her beauty or skills; but because of her fortune and bloodline. However, this young lioness wasn’t ready to be tamed. But as the war began to claim all her male relatives, one by one, and her cousin was to far to watch over her…she began to look very tamable indeed.

In the true fashion of fairy tales, this short but powerful novella takes us on an emotionally magical journey. Moira Rogers creates such fantastic world that draw you in and makes you feel as if the story is being written around you. Smooth storyline coupled with dynamic and endearing characters makes this series a tiny treasure to have and read.



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