Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I’m Reviewing The Pack by Jason Starr at Smexy Books

The Pack


When Simon Burns loses his job, he loses more then his income. He finds himself thrust in the role of stay-at home dad for his three year old son which puts a strain on his already rocky marriage. Floundering to try and make sense of why he was fired for no reason, he begins to try and find some balance in his life. He meets a group of single dads at a park he takes his son to. Happy to find some comradely, he immediately joins their tight knit group. Michael, Charlie, and Ramon are different then what Simon is used to. Confident, stronger, and more at ease with themselves. After Simon wakes up disoriented from a night out with them, he begins to notice changes in himself. Stronger, hungrier, and an increased sense of smell and hearing, Simon fears he is going insane. When his former boss is found brutally murdered, appearing to have been mauled by a wolf, Simon fears something much worse is happening to him. He fears he becoming a werewolf. And Simon only has one chance to stop the transformation before he to becomes part of the pack.


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