Thursday, June 2, 2011

I’m reviewing Spellcast by Barbara Ashford at Smexy Books



Favorite Quote: “Remember that he loves you, that you are his heart, that he will carry you with him all the days and nights of his long life. Remember how much you love him, that it’s not merely an echo of his feelings, but as real as the sun on your back and the tears on your face.”

Maggie Graham is having a very bad day. First she lost her job,  then the ceiling in her NY apartment collapsed. Believing this may be karma’s way of telling her to get out of town, Maggie heads towards Vermont  in search of benediction and solid ceilings. She sees a sign for Dale, Vermont and upon entering the town feels like she has entered a time warp. Norman Rockwell-esque buildings clash with the ‘bikers welcome’ and ‘free wifi” signs. When she stops at a local diner for coffee, the waitress assumes Maggie is there for the annual casting call. The local theatre-The Crossroads -is holding auditions for summer stock. This brings back conflicting feelings for Maggie. Maggie loves the theater yet issues from her past caused her to reject acting and everything associated with it.

When Maggie decides to take a chance and audition for theatre and receives roles in multiple productions, she finds herself questioning the actions of the actors, the staff, and especially the director. Rowen MacKenzie, the elusive director, is an enigma. Temperamental, moody, evasive, and unbelievably handsome, he confuses Maggie. From their first meeting, Maggie can’t help but feel that he expects something from her. Something she cannot give.


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