Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Things you need to know for Tuesday

Angelina Jolie's new ad for Louis Vuitton. Shot in Cambodia by Annie Leibovitz, the ad features a barefoot, makeup-less Jolie perched on a wooden boat and holding her own six-year-old monogrammed Alto bag. LV is hoping to reach a wider audience base by focusing less on fashion and more on the quality of it’s product.



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So sad to hear that Jake White and Sarah Elson are divorcing. Jack and Sarah met on  the set of the White Stripes video-Blue Orchid. They are however, throwing a lovely party to celebrate this.


Looks like Lara Stone isn’t as exclusive to Calvin Klein as we thought.


The third annual Full Figured Fashion Week will commence in New York this Thursday, and according to organizers, tickets for many of the events have already sold out. For three days, starting on June 16, the catwalks will be filled with models showing off the styles from the premier designers from all over the world who specialize in flattering the figures of women over a size 12. (NYDN)


First Lady Michelle Obama wears a $29.99 Gap blouse at Camp david. And she ROCKS it! See the whole Michelle Obama Look Book for 2011 here.


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He's so edgy yet he can't say "penis" or any of the other euphemisms for the male sex organ. Just goes to show that when it comes to the dick everyone turns into an 8 year old girl. (I just used three!)

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Marq said...

I like the Louis Vuitton ad. I like that Angelina is posing with a bag that she has had for years. You can see the darkening of the leather on the handles.

Michelle O knows how to take everyday wear and rock it like no other! I love that she wears affordable clothing. I would have never thought to wear that tunic dress as a top. It also helps that she's tall (5'7"?) so she can pull the look off with ease.

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Marg-I love the LV ad. I like they are going back to the basics. I can't believe Jolie looks like that without makeup. lol

Mrs. Obama has such a wonderful sense of style that she makes everything look like a one of a kind design.