Monday, June 13, 2011

I’m reviewing Honey Grove by Genell Dellin at Smexy Books


Favorite Quote: “Get out of my sight Doreen Semples, before I come around this counter and snatch you bald-headed right here in front of God and everybody.”

When Lilah Briscoe is seriously injured, her granddaughter Meredith feels compelled to save her farm, Honey Grove, despite their troubled past. Help arrives in the form of bad boy Caleb Burkett, who awakens feelings Meri didn’t know she had. Maybe now, Meri will finally find the home she always wanted… (goodreads)

When Meredith Briscoe arrives in Spring Rock Texas for her mother’s funeral, she expects to pay her respects and leave. But her grandmother, Lilah, wants her to stay so they can get to know each other. Meredith doesn’t know her grandmother. Meri’s mother took her and left Rock Springs when she was a baby; consistently moving around so Lilah could not find them. When Meri was fourteen her mother abandoned her at a neighbor’s house causing Meri to learn that you can only depend on yourself in life.

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