Thursday, July 28, 2011

Getting back to the basics

I have never been a huge fan of logo encrusted handbags. I don’t need to advertise the brand from 100 ft. Don’t even get me started on the pale pastel multi colored logo bags. Cute for the 15-20 yr olds. Rather like pigtails. You may think you look sexy and hot, but if your over 35 and wearing them in public…you don’t. Trust me on this one.

When I saw Coach brought back it’s classic Heritage line I was ecstatic! . Rich, luscious, high quality leather bags with nary a single C to be seen anywhere on it. They stayed with a neutral palette though that didn’t inspire me to buy. Now Coach must be feeling a little froggy because the latest line is a cornucopia of bold bright colors begging you to buy one of each.









Lizzielvr said...

Oh! One of my favorite subjects! I love Coach purses! I love the classic styles. I can only afford them from the Outlet Stores (when they have a sale on top of sale thing) So maybe in a couple of years I'll get to buy one of these...LOL

Tori said...

Lizzielvr-Me too. :)