Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I’m reviewing Kelly Meding’s Another Kind Of Dead at Smexybooks

Favorite Quote: “The girl who went through hell is long gone, ashes scattered to the wind. I didn’t ask to be brought back and I’m done fucking apologizing for it. ”

Evy Stone has nine lives and by my count has used up three of them. Another Kind Of Dead picks up a few weeks after As Lie The Dead leaves off. She, Wyatt, and the Triad destroyed the lab and contained the hybrids but failed in capturing the scientist who created them. Evy has come out unscathed from her battle with a few more ‘gifts’ to add to her growing repertoire. Evy can now heal herself. When fey avatar Jaron tracks Evy and Wyatt down, she speaks of betrayal and trust but dies before saying anymore. Right on her heels is a hybrid goblin hit man who’s genetic origins leads them back to William Thackery-a scientist who’s hatred of vampires has pushed him over the edge. Evy and Wyatt soon learns from the fae that the crystal that contains Torin has been stolen and Thackery has it. He wants Evy in exchange. Evy will once again have to place her faith and life into the hands of people who betrayed and killed her if she wants to survive

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