Monday, July 11, 2011

I’m Reviewing Burning Down The Spouse by Dakota Cassidy at Smexy Books

Burning Down the Spouse (Ex Trophy Wives #2)

Favorite Quote:” Wow, I sound like one of those commercials where everything is gray and dreary until you take a Xanax, or in this case, a Maxine, whatever it is, and poof, it magically makes your world go all bright with shiny colors again. Well, except for those nagging side effects like anal weeping and eyeball leakage. “

World…meet Frankie Bennett. When Frankie found her husband cheating on her with his 20 something assistant named Bamby with a “y” she has an Emmy worthy melt down on her husband’s televised cooking show. After the divorce, she goes to lick her wounds at her aunt’s home. Aunt Gail is glad to have Frankie stay with her but after a month of watching Frankie mate with her bedspread, Gail decides to bring out the big guns. Maxine Barker, owner and founder of The Trophy Jobs Employment Agency. A former trophy wife herself, Maxine knows just how Frankie feels and what she needs to do. With the help of some ice water and a few well thought out threats, Maxine gets Frankie up, showered, and employed at the diner of the “world’s greatest meatloaf.”

Nikos Antonakas, owner of the diner and Greek god look a like, happened to catch Frankie’s televised break up but chose instead to play dumb when Maxine brings her in for a job interview at his diner. Nikos doesn’t need anymore ‘strays’ but something about Frankie appeals to him. Watching as Frankie charms his family and friends, Nikos starts to think that maybe they can cook up something special together. But when Frankie’s ex husband comes back into the picture, Niko’s old insecurities come into play and soon it all becomes a recipe for disaster.

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Jenn3128 said...

I should have probably noticed this before, but was on Amazon today ordering Burning down the spouse and saw your review...on Amazon. Of course, this was after I'd read it on Smexy, but why I didn't notice before I have no idea...could be all the wine...shhhh...tell no one...

I seriously crack myself up. Yep, that's one person!

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Jenn3128-Girl, you make me laugh.